Thursday, 10 June 2010

Size zero is a no-no

I found this photograph of Tori Spelling, the actress who used to be in 90210 and the first thing that came to my mind is that she looks so unwell and undernourished.
Her obviously fake boobs, hang there from her skeletal frame, this emphasises how tiny she is.
Tori has previously said that she is not anorexic and that she's been on antibiotics which has made her have no appetite.
People do lose weight if they are unwell/stressed, but it is impossible for someone to be this 'naturally' thin.
It is said that her lowest weight has been 6st 9lbs which for a woman of 37 is seriously worrying.

What kind of message does this send out to current 90210 viewers?
The majority of 90210 viewers are likely to be teenage/young adult girls who are easily influenced by celebrity culture and if they say it's 'natural' to be this thin then it's likely that their viewers will copy them.

just when everyone had thought that 'size zero' had died out, it's back again in La La Land.

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