Monday, 12 April 2010

Summer 2010 Essentials

Rolled up jeans

Waist belts

Nude colours

Sunday, 11 April 2010


So I was in London last weekend with George and I bought NO clothes!
What was wrong with me?!
All I bought was the bag and shoes above which are both from Urban Outfitters.

George and I honestly spent about two hours in Topshop and I couldn't see a thing that I wanted to buy.
Personally I think it's because there was so much choice!
I saw a pair of mint blue denim shorts ( which had love hearts and a bow on the back which I wanted to buy.. but I honestly thought I would never wear them.
However I'm going on holiday to La Manga with George in July so I will purchase them for the holiday.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Georgia Jagger - Rimmel campaign

I was on someone's Facebook profile earlier when I noticed they had joined a group titled 'Get the London look... nah you're alright, sort out your teeth.'

Having an interest in fashion and make-up (Rimmel also being one of my favourite brands), I decided to go onto the group to see what it was about.
I should have guessed that it would be a group aimed at taunting Georgia Jagger (now part of the Rimmel campaign) about her teeth.

It came as no surprise that many of the comments left on the page's 'wall' were from girls.
The comments in which I read were mostly ones which insulted Georgia, saying 'how can that girl be a model, especially for lipstick?', 'she looks like a horse' and so on.
However there were also comments from girls which were supportive of the campaign and saw that the gap in Georgia's teeth drew attention to her mouth.. which would then draw attention to the lipstick which the campaign is for.

The reason in which I've decided to write about this facebook group is because I find it ridiculous at how shallow and judgemental people are.
From reading Vogue I have seen in a lot of campaigns, models who have a gap in their teeth.. so what Georgia has is not unusual and should not cause people to say that she should not be a model.

I previously posted a post in 2009 about Georgia Jagger and how she was one of my favourite models.
I also mentioned her teeth, and how they make her stand out from the crowd.
That is what model agencies want - someone who is quirky and has a different look from everyone else.