Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What Katie Would Like - Part 6

I'm totally in love with anything that has a lace feature right now.
I have a lace dress from JOY and a pair of black leggings which have lace down the side - although I'm dying to get a pair of leggings which are full lace!

I'm still obsessed with sequins as well.
I recently bought a sequin dress which is really nice.
I'm so happy with it 'cause I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've found it hard to get a sequin dress that actually looks nice on?
Quite a lot that I have tried on have looked gorgeous on the hanger then when I wear it there's no shape to it at all - it's just flimsy.
Perhaps it's the material.

Okay so. This isn't the prettiest thing in the world but it looks so cozy!
It's a hat and scarf combined - whoever came up with that idea is genius.
Perfect for Bonfire night, cold winter evenings etc!

All these items are from Republic.

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