Friday, 25 September 2009

Work Experience

I just got back home from Tunbridge Wells today where I had a week of work experience at Bliss magazine.

It was such an interesting week and I really enjoyed it.
On Monday I had to create a christmas wish list for their December issue.
I had to sort products into different groups under £10 etc.

On Tuesday I had to do post and then check the newspapers for stories that would interest Bliss readers - eg. celebrity news.
Then I done Returns.
Returns is
clothes, shoes, accessories etc that have been returned back from photoshoots or products that they don't lik e.
Then you sort the products into each brand and have to put them in bags so that the courier can collect them.

On Wednesday I done post and finding out celebrity stories again from the paper.
Then Lydia asked me to find out celebrity beauty secrets.
I had to find quotes from them along with the product that they use which was fun.
I then got asked to do a book review for Bliss.
I started one book as they didn't have enough people to do it but then they found people who would so I had to start another one!

Thursday was my last day.
I done the post and the celeb news in the morning.
Then I had to listen to an interview with Jordin Sparks and write it out which was interesting.
I had to do returns which I enjoy as I love seeing all the clothes!
Charlotte gave me a bag at the end of the day which had a few presents in it which I thought was really nice.

I loved having work experience at Bliss.
Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.
I definetly know this is what I want to do once I have left school!

It's nice to be back home though :).

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