Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jourdan Dunn won't be taking part in LFW?

19 year old Jourdan Dunn is expected to not take part in London Fashion Week.
Jourdan has announced that she's pregnant and is due in December!

Jourdan said
"I've never been comfortable with my body until now, when I realize I can say this is who I am, I’m healthy, I’ve always liked to eat, and I'm now happy enough in my own skin to not care what anyone says about me any more."

Jourdan won Model of The Year at last year's British Fashion Awards.
Jourdan has said she will continue working in the fashion industry after having her baby.

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  1. wow she's stunninggggg
    you've helped me with my homework
    a model proving that the fashion industry is making models to skinny.
    when you mention she was having a baby i was thinking about 'the beautiful life, tbl' (the show misha barton's in) where a sneak peek revealed that she has a baby secretly
    hahahahaha, i cant wait till that show comes outtt